Chris Klug Foundation advocates for organ and tissue donation
and inspires those touched by transplantation.

  • 9th Annual Aspen Summit for Life

    9th Annual Aspen Summit for Life

    Congratulations to the 2014 Aspen Summit for Life participants! Thanks to you, we raised over $200,000 to benefit our mission of saving lives by increasing awareness about organ & tissue donation. 


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  • Donor Dude Of The Month

    Donor Dude Of The Month


    Meet Julianne Vasichek and the University of Minnesota Duluth Women's Hockey Team, our latest Donor Dudes of the Month! 

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  • Organ Donation Saves Lives

    Organ Donation Saves Lives

    Chris Klug was diagnosed with PSC in 1991, a rare degenerative bile duct condition. The only cure was a liver transplant. He received his lifesaving transplant on July 28, 2000 thanks to the heroic and selfless donation decision of another family.

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  • Donor Dude Video Packet

    Donor Dude Video Packet

    Cypress Creek High School - Elizabeth Mosher, Health Teacher
    "I've been teaching Health for over 8 years and this was the improvement with cialis blood thinner best (and easiest) time that I've had covering this topic."

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  • TCS NYC Marathon

    TCS NYC Marathon

    Chris Klug Foundation NYC Marathon Team runs for Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness.

    Aspen, Colorado-October 22nd, 2015- The Chris Klug Foundation will have ten runners participating in the TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 1st helping to raise funds and best pharmacy canada viagra awareness for organ donation.


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Know the Facts

Know the Facts, Share your Decision

A free donor education video for the classroom.

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